RSO Volunteers for 4H District Shoot


Please help share the joy of shooting with our younger generation.We need some volunteers for RSO duty for the 4H District Shoot on Saturday the 30th of June.

Greg Metzgar has volunteered to head this up for us and he needs some RSO help. Ideally there will two shifts of two volunteers, two show up at about 7:30AM to open up the range and conduct a safety brief at 8:15AM. They will go to about Noon and the second shift would takeover at Noon and go to 4PM and close up the range.

Gun Shows


Gun shows galore this season. Five between now and 1 April. Mucho help will be needed. See below for full (subject to change) schedule. Once again the local promoters have scheduled conflicting gun shows.

Right now, looking for volunteers for 21-22 JAN. If you see any other dates you’d like to assist on, I’ll gladly take “advance reservations”.


  • 21 JAN Could use 1 more for the 9-1pm shift, and 2 more for 1-5pm
  • 22 JAN Could use 1 more for the 10-1pm, and 3 more for the 1-4pm

Virginia Beach

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