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ASC Newsletter - Dec. 2017

Hello ASC Members:

Please see attached ASC Newsletter - December 2017 edition.  There is a lot of great information contained in this edition.  Also, there is a "Help Wanted" request from the ASC Board.  Enjoy !!!

-- Tim Drewry, ASC VP


The Airfield Flyer - October 2014

Hello ASC Members,
   Fall is the perfect time for shooting sports.  Temperatures are getting milder which makes for a more comfortable day at the ASC range.  Many of you are turning your thoughts to hunting and want to practice your shooting skills to bring home the wild game prize.  Others are ready to don your skeet vests  and enjoy the skeet range with some buddies in hopes of breaking that perfect 25.  Shotgunning not your thing… then knocking bowling pins down on the first Saturday or shooting prone in a Service Rifle match or in the new “Zombie Match” is just as fun in the mild Fall days.  Check out the ASC calendar and maybe there is something there for you.  Whatever you do, please don’t pass up the best time of the year to be on the ASC range.


The Airfield Flyer March 2014

Hello ASC Members,

Please see attached ASC Newsletter - The Airfield Flyer March 2014

There is information about our new gate, XO projects, grass cutting, and Easter.  Chief Instructor Mike Bromley shares an informative article on Action Shooting at the ASC range.  The next Pistol Class is set for April 12th.


--Tim Drewry, ASC VP & Editor

The Airfield Flyer December 2013

In this edition of The Flyer, you will find an article about our new RFID Skeet Card system.  I have also included the 2014 gun show schedule on the last page in case you want to get some service hours in or just want to support our Second Amendment vendors.  Also, I unfortunately have to report in the ASC Rule Violations section that members and guests appear to be intentionally damaging ASC property again.  If it wasn’t intentional, then they seriously are in need of shooting instruction, and I recommend that they enroll in a firearms training class and stay off the ASC


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