Results - 30 Sept ASC Defensive Shooting Match | Updated with ScoreSheet

Note: The initial posting stripped out the final scores, I've added them as a PDF. 




Here are the results from the Airfield Shooting Club (ASC), 30 sept Defensive Shooting Match. Overall we had 34 shooters; a good turnout.  We also had for the first time several Pistol Caliber Carbine shooters representing the newest IDPA sanctioned Division and a visit / participation by the IDPA Area Coordinator Cody Claxton. 


Top Shooters are:


Overall Match Top Gun:   Matt Cooper, PCC, Expert


Overall Match Top Gun, Carbine:              Matt Cooper, PCC, Expert

Overall Match Top Gun, Pistol:                  Gary Scholl, ESP, Expert

Overall Match Top Gun, Revolver:            Terry Milter, Rev, Expert


Top Gun By Division:


ESP                                         Gary Scholl, EX

SSP                                         Martin Kwung, SS

CDP                                        Gary Scholl, EX

CCP                                        Cody Claxton, SS

REV                                        Terry Milter, EX

SPD                                        Mac McKenzie, SPD, UN

BUG                                       None


The PCC Division seems to have taken top honors; filling the top six slots.  However, not a surprise given the longer ranges and high round count per stage in this match. Nonetheless, well done.


A special thanks to our new Match Director Terry Milter; a great first match.  Thanks also to all the Safety Officers and set up / take down crews that make the match happen. And for this match; there was a ton of steel to move!


Thank you all for coming out; see you in Dec.




Jeff H