Board of Directors

President:                                    Ray Covington                president at

Vice President                             Tim Drewry                     vp at

Executive Officer                         Aaron Weisz                   xo at

Secretary                                     Mike Lawler                    secretary at

Treasurer                                    Kerry Johnson                 treasurer at

Webmaster                                  Jon Welters                    webmaster at

Newsletter Editor                        OPEN                             editor at

Chief Instructor                           Mike Bromley                instructor at

Shotgun Director                         Jim Cofer                      shotgun at

Director(Swampshooter)              Greg Metzgar                 greg.metzgar at

Director(Instructor)                      Doug Hower                  doug.hower at

Director(Shotgun Comp)              Richard Sutton               richard.sutton at

Director(Grounds)                        Chuck Allard                  chuck.allard at

Director                                       Dave Maine                    dave.maine at

Director                                       VACANT                        vacant at

Raffle/NRA Guns Shows               Gary Wyse                     pr at

IDPA Style Match Coordinator      Jeff Hewlett                    idpa at


** Note: The email addresses above have the @ replaced with at. To use the email addresses simply switch out at with @. 

For Example:

example at would be