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Bunny Bang Pin Shoot Match Results Posted

We had an absolutely fabulous day at the range for our April 2012 Bowling Pin Match. In addition to good weather, we had great friends in attendance. All of our shooters had a blast and many (but not all) pins fell. Most importantly, no bunnies were hurt in making the the Bunny Bang Pin Match a great success. Our results are posted below. We look forward to seeing you again o(or for the first time) next month.


The match results are posted at the web site. If this fancy new software works, they should be attached as well.


Shoot the Pins, Save the Bunny

Come one, come all to the April 2012 Bowling Pin shoot. It is Easter weekend but bunnies are out of season. Pins are not. This will be our first nice weather this year and a perfect time to show off those pistol skills you practiced all winter! If you didn't practice, remember the words of one of our long time area pin shooters, Tom Tyrell. "We hold matches because there is no time to practice"

Pin Match This Weekend March 3rd 2012

Greetings Pin Shooters,

Our first Bowling Pin Match of the year is this Saturday, March 3rd at the ASC range in Wakefield. You can find directions to the range here . We will be shooting on the 100 meter range so that a 4H program can be held on the 50. Please park on the 100 meter side to leave room for the other participants. As usual, we will begin setting up by 9:30 so we can start shooting by 10 AM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at . I look forward to shooting with you on Saturday.


November and December Match Results posted


I have posted the results for the Novenber and December Matches to the web page. As most of you know by now, I have been dealing with several family members who were ill. Hopefully, the worst of that is behind me. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the March 3rd match.  I do appreciate everyone's support of the match and your patience with me during this time.



December 2011 Pin Match


   The ASC will be holding its last Bowling Pin Match until springtime this weekend. As experienced pin shooters know, we can't shoot when the temperatures are low in the dead of winter because it makes the plastic on the Bowling Pins too brittle. So this is it until the weather warms back up. Don't miss this match because you will be shooting paper until spring!

Bowling Pin Match 3 December

We will be holding our last Bowling Pin Match of the year this Saturday, December 3rd at the Airfield Shooting Club range in beautiful Wakefield!

The weather guessers are calling for a high of 60 and partly cloudy skies.

Setup starts at 9:30 and shooting begins at 10 AM.

See you at the Match.




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