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Labor Day Pin-a-thon Match

The Airfield Shooting Club will hold its Labor Day Pin-a-thon Bowling Pin Match this Saturday, September 1st. As usual, we will start setting up a little after 9 in the morning and wewill keep shooting until we reach our goal of ultimate pim mayhem. Now that he has time, we have invited Jerry Lewis, so come to the ASC range to see if he shows up this weekend. For directions, see

Olympic Pin Match

The Airfield Shooting Club will be hosting it's August Olympic Pin Match this Saturday, August 4th at the shooting venue known to the commoners as the ASC shooting range, located in beautiful uptown Wakefield (Virginia,not Great Britain).If you are recieving this notice, you are among the elite shooters of the order of the pins and have prequalified for the event. Bring your A-Game, this is the big time.

The Firecracker Pin Match

there will be plenty of hot action at the Bowling Pin match this weekend in Wakefield at the ASC range. As usual, we will set up at 9:30 so we will beat the mid-day heat. It should be a good time so bring plenty of ammo, water, and a friend. For information about the match, see our web site at There is a link there  contact the pinmaster for any specifics that are not covered on the information pages.

MayDay Mahem Pin Match

This year the Occupy movement took over May Day. Forget Wall Street, we are going to occupy the ASC range.  Yes this Saturday, May 5th, we are going to have some Pin Mahem, beginning at 9:30 AM. All of your friends will be there and the weather will finally break from the heat we will have earlier in the week. So come on out and have a great time pounding some bowling pins. For more information or questions, contact our Pinhed Match Director at


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