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Pearl Harbor Day Bowling Pin Match

Saturday, December 6th will not be a day that lives in infamy. Unless of course, you are a Bowling Pin. In which case, the infamy will depend entirely on our shooters accuracy. You can prove your mettle this Saturday, at 9:30 AM at the ASC range. This is our last match until spring, so if you miss it, you won't be busting pins again until April. That would be infamy. If you need directions or a detailed description of our match, see the club web site at

Zombie Bowling Pin Match

(Read the following in the voice of R. Lee Ermey)
So the rifle shooters have added a zombie match. Isn't that just special! Sure, now after years of the bowling pin shooters having to defend the range, now the rifle shooters are coming to help. Well let me tell you boys and girls, those zombies can sneek up really quickly, and you never know when only you and your handgun will stave of the apocalpse. So even if you are a namby pamby rifle shooter, you need to come out and take a run at the zombie bowling pins. WITH HANDGUNS. This Saturday, 1 November at zero nine thirty. On the range, We will teach you how to shoot real zombies, up close and personal.  What's the matter, that got you scared? Did I mention we shoot carbines?

Fall Classic Bowling Pin Match

Yes, my long suffering Orioles are playing in October this year! Likewise, we will be shooting bowling pins this Saturday, October 4th at 10AM at the beautiful ASC Range. All of you that are coming out for our range clean up work party are invited as well. All you need is a handgun of basically any caliper, 32 rounds of ammunition (less for some diciplines) and a desire to have some fun. By the way, in the HIGHLY unlikely event that you might miss a pin or two, you might want to bring along just a few extra rounds of ammo.

Back to School Bowling Pin Match

It's time to get back to Bowling Pin shooting school this Saturday, September 6th at 9:30 AM at the Airfield Shooting Club range. We missed last month due to weather, but the forcast for Saturday looks good. You can find directions to our range as well as rules for the match at If you have specific questions, reach our pinhead at I will be out of town for the match, but Courtney and the gang will be there to greet you this Saturday.

Bowling Pin Match August 2014

Please join us for the August Airfield Shooting Club Bowling Pin match this Saturday,  August 2nd at the ASC Range. We will set up at 9:30 and begin shooting at 10 AM. There is some question about the weather forcast. If there is light rain, we can still shoot. Check this page late Friday or early Saturday for any update or cancellation. Detailed rules for the match and directions to the range are found at .

Independence Pin match

After your Fourth of July cookout, heat up some fresh Bowling Pins at the July ASC Pin match on Saturday the 5th. In the unlikely event that Arthur should visit, he will be long gone by Saturday morning. As usual, if there are weather concerns, we will post them here early Saturday. We are expecting moderaterly warm temperatures and sunny skies, so it should be a fabulous day for shooting. We will set up at 9:30 and shooting will begin at 10 AM.

Bowling Pin May - Hem

Spring has sprung, The flowers are blooming and both weeds and bowling pins are popping up. Both need to be mowed down! Actually both will be cut down on Saturday, May 3rd at the ASC range. While we are shooting pins on the 50 meter range, there will be a work party on the 100 meter range. If you are coming to the range to shoot on Saturday morning, plan to come and shoot pins. And why not. the weather will be perfect, your friends will all be there and you can't shoot anything else because the 100 meter range is closed for maintenence.

Spring has Sprung Pin Match

Gentle Shooters,

It has been a long, terrible winter, but now spring is upon us. Our forcast calls for mild temperatures, rain free skies, flying lead and wood splinters! Yes Virginia, there is an Airfield Shooting Club Bowling Pin Match this weekend. The pins have been asleep all winter and they are ready to come out of hibernation. Meanwhile, you have been hoarding those three boxes of ammunition that you can buy at a time. Remember, a perfect set only requires 20 to 28 rounds!YTou will have PLENTY left over. Trust me.


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