The Airfield Flyer

The Airfield Flyer August 2011

Members, the August newsletter is attached. This month there is an overview of accomplishments through the last Board-Year. Part III of trap shooting tips is presented. A posting of upcoming events is included for your convenience. Some light hearted "safety issues" are given in the Spirit Of Bill Engvall. 

The Airfield Flyer July 2011

This regular edition of the Flyer provides an overview of the ranges from the XO's Desk, Part II of "Trap Shooting" from our Shotgun Director, and some guidance on how to open our combination locks. During the summer, the 4H Campers use the ranges for 1/2 days usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Please make sure to check the calendar before you travel to the range. We try to keep it up to date as best we can. Also, if you have a 4H or NRA certification, you might look into helping out in August at the Ranges.

The Airfield Flyer June 2011

This issue of the Flyer addresses an important safety issue from the desk of our Chief Instructor, the first of a three part series on Trap Shooting provided by our shot gun director, and some tips about a Nasty Pesky Critter that visits our range during the warm weather! Enjoy.

The Airfield Flyer May 2011

The May ASC Flyer has been posted to the Website. Our XO has shared some of his excitement about our range improvements. If you know Dave, you'll hear his voice when you read his words! Also, there is an update to the RSO Manual. Our Chief Instructor has revised our procedures to make our range an even safer place to enjoy our sport. Please make sure you read the revision since we all may be called upon to serve as an RSO.

The Airfield Flyer March 2011

The March Flyer is ready for review. There is some late breaking news not included in the Flyer. The news is that our landlord has approved the installation of our short berm on the 50 yard range and the installation of the well!!! Also, Andy still needs volunteers for the Sunday's gun show in  Hampton. :-)