The Airfield Flyer

November 2015 Newsletter

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In this issue we look at a topic and see where and how it came to be. We will be doing more of these and I would encourage that any of you who know of a great story be it military, hunting, shooting, or anything of our interest, please email it to the This newsletter is a little different looking so do not get discouraged.

May 2015 Airfield Shooting Club Newsletter

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Welcome to the next edition of our newsletter!!!

There are some pretty good things in this issue and one item of special interest to everyone in this edition of the newsleeter. I encourage all of you to contact me at and send in articles and things for future newsltters. We have some exciting events lined up for us this summer. We will be seeing more and more shorter type bulletins along with our esteemed newsletter. This way we can get some news out as soon as we can. Enjoy, Paddy

January 2015 edition of The Flyer

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Welcome to the January 2015 edition of our beloved newsletter called "The Flyer". In this edition of the flyer you will meet ASCs new Editor-in-Chief our our Newsletter and club media. Also we have some great articles from some of our board members. In this edition you will see some sublte changes to content and I hope you enjoy the read. In this newsletter we have new sections with some very helpful and mindful information.