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ASC Newsletter - Dec. 2017

Hello ASC Members:

Please see attached ASC Newsletter - December 2017 edition.  There is a lot of great information contained in this edition.  Also, there is a "Help Wanted" request from the ASC Board.  Enjoy !!!

-- Tim Drewry, ASC VP


ASC Dec 2016 Newsletter

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Hello Everyone,

First I thank you for your patience with me in getting this last newsletter out for 2016. I have had some obstacles to overcome but am starting to do better. In this issue it will be a bit longer than normal. I included a few articles that I thought you would like to read. A couple may give you some information you did not know and others who are sharp as a razor :) you might not be surprised. Don't forget to order some ASC stuff (see last page) for that special gift for Christmas or Birthday.

ASC Flyer News Bulletin Aug 2016

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Hello All,

Welcome to the next edition of the ASC Newsletter. This letter talks about our annual elections and some vacancies that need some help. Also this issue has many other things for your enjoyment. Make sure you check the website calendar to make sure of all events and range opennings/closings. Let the newsletter editor if you have anything you would like to put in our newsletter. All entries will be considered.


ASC Flyer News Bulletin Jul 2016

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Hello All,

This news bulletin is provided to talk about how to secure our gate at the ASC Range. Perhaps some of you maybe confused on how to lock the gate so I am sending another bulletin out with pictures to illustrate how we lock our gate. This is important as 4H personnel or safety personnel might need access and they cannot gain access if the lock is locked to the chain. That is why we use the two lock system. I also have provided some safety information about weather and lightning. There are some helpful tips and links to articles that are interesting.


ASC Flyer Special Bulletin June 2016 v1

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Hello All,

Attached is The Flyer Bulletin. It is intended to be sent out as an addition to and related to our Newsletter as it provides immediate news that needs to sent out prior to normal newsletter releases. This edition is about how to properly lock the ASC gate by locking the pad locks together. Also There some snakes that have been found in our shooting shed. So please be careful.

ASC News Editor

ASC May 2016 The Flyer Newsletter

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Hello All,

Here is another edition of the newsletter. I foused on Woman on Target in this issue so everyone can learn a litle more about it and what the NRA and VSSA have to say and few articles from here and there in support of this great program. Since we are having one next month it was prudent to showcase this program. Please pass this along to all of your female friends and others that might be interested in our club and/or the WOT Program.

Editor in Chief

Paddy Maloney