Zombie Bowling Pin Match

(Read the following in the voice of R. Lee Ermey)
So the rifle shooters have added a zombie match. Isn't that just special! Sure, now after years of the bowling pin shooters having to defend the range, now the rifle shooters are coming to help. Well let me tell you boys and girls, those zombies can sneek up really quickly, and you never know when only you and your handgun will stave of the apocalpse. So even if you are a namby pamby rifle shooter, you need to come out and take a run at the zombie bowling pins. WITH HANDGUNS. This Saturday, 1 November at zero nine thirty. On the range, We will teach you how to shoot real zombies, up close and personal.  What's the matter, that got you scared? Did I mention we shoot carbines?

"But Gunny, I don't know the rules or how to get to the range." Have you ever heard of the INTERNET, soldier? Git over to www.airfieldshootingclub.org for everthing you need. Not enough information contact that pinhead at stevengordon@cox.net.

Fall out until oh niner thirty Saturday. Dismissed!