Service Rifle September 2016 Results

Greg Metzgar's picture

The Airfield Shooting Club (ASC) conducted its monthly Service Rifle Competition on 10 September 2016. This month had a total of six participants. We had no “guests” shooting this month. The September event witnessed the more traditional lot of M-1 Garands and M1903 Springfields. There was one participant shooting a lever-action .357 caliber Henry rifle (so it’s just not for Service rifle folks…we are inclusive of all makes and models).The Service Rifle match continues to be conducted on the second Saturday of the month, and registration starts at 8:30am with the first relay being conducted at 9am (after the range safety and orientation briefs). The September results are listed below.Attendance was low, possibly due to the Hampton Gun Show which occurred on the same weekend, and we are assuming many of the “regulars” opted to attend the show…after all, it is an election year!The next match is scheduled for 8 October 2016.

Match Results: 

Cortney Bolze2513 XCMP Traditional
Greg Metzgar2461 XCMP Traditional
Vince Johnston2260 XCMP Traditional
Jonathan Welters2080 XCMP Traditional
Angela Welters1951 XModern Sporting Rifle