September 30, Defensive Pistol Match @ ASC



Airfield Shooting Club will hold an “IDPA like” match this coming Sat, 30 Sept 2017.  The web site (listed below) gives directions and discusses this pistol/PCC match. We will be using the IDPA standards for procedures and firearms. Sign in starts at 09:15 and shooting begins at 10:00.  Sign up is available only at the range.  Set up begins at 07:00 … could really use some help!


The Course of Fire, designed by Terry Miltier, is attached.  Some items to please note:


1.       The general focus is on longer range engagements and high round count per stage. Hence, per stage round count is almost maxed out at 18 each and 12 of 56 targets are set at 60 or more feet. 

2.       This is a five stage match; a perfect run requires a minimum of 88 shots. Bring lots of ammo.

3.       Two stages are almost all steel (29 steel and three paper) with ranges out to 105 feet; two other stages have “in your face” movers, and the last stage has close in work.  Something for everyone.

4.       Given the layout; this is an ideal PCC match. 


For NEW shooter: If you do not have a holster but want to shoot the match please come out; we’ll start you from a low ready position!  You can stuff your extra mags in your pants pockets or tuck them in your waist belt. Note: Three mags are needed for the match but you can make it with two … as a new shooter).  And of course you will need a firearm.  Semi-auto 9mm and larger will work or a revolver.


Hope to see you at the range.



Jeff H