Olympic Pin Match

The Airfield Shooting Club will be hosting it's August Olympic Pin Match this Saturday, August 4th at the shooting venue known to the commoners as the ASC shooting range, located in beautiful uptown Wakefield (Virginia,not Great Britain).If you are recieving this notice, you are among the elite shooters of the order of the pins and have prequalified for the event. Bring your A-Game, this is the big time.

Because of the high level nature of this competition, the shooters will be setting up the Olympic course begin setting up at 9:30. Pin mayhem will begin shortly thereafter. We are still waiting for the medals to arrive from the foundry, hopefully they will arrive in time. Because of the popularity of the match, our results are tape delayed for the prime time audience. For more information on the match, contact our resident pinhead at stevengordon@airfieldshootingclub.org or by royal carrier pigeon. Directions to the range are available at http://sites.ext.vt.edu/4hcenter/airfield/drivingdirections.html

Remember, there won't be another Olympic match for four years. See you Saturday.