November 2016 Service Rifle Match

Greg Metzgar's picture

A beautiful day presented itself for the November Service Rifle Match. A total of seven shooters participated and had a great time talking about the past week's interesting election results, and other assorted topics. If you're looking for a great time to visit with fellow club members and also get some practice with your high-power on the 100 yard range in a little friendly competition, then come join us at our next match on 10 December 2016, the last one of the year !

Match Results: 

Courtney Bolze2653 XCMP Classic
Bill Keplesky2596 XCMP Classic
Mike Lawler2351 XCMP Classic
Vince Johnston2191 XCMP Classic
Barton Metzgar2050 XCMP Classic
Jon A. Welters1980 XCMP Classic
Jim Weaver820 XLever Action