Labor Day Weekend Pinfest Match Results

To all of our Bowling Pin Shooters,

I just want to say thanks for all of your support over the ten years (yes it will be 10 years this fall since the inception of the club). I wasn't sure where our little pin match would take us, or even our new little club. But here we are all these years later, still shooing pins and attracting a nice number of shooters every month. From my match director's perspective, it is really fun to see that we have 10 shooters that shot the cycle. That means, they competed in all 5 of our catagories. It also means that we have a group of serious pin shooters. There results are listed in all of their magnificence for you to review until next month, when we will do it all again. See you in October,



Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Steven Gordon4.785.213.953.9417.88
2Dennis Bondi6.986.786.484.6324.87
3Paul Ruffle7.955.97.116.2127.17
4Dale Mullin6.247.977.58.4330.14
5Bill Lewis6.047.4110.5411.7335.72
6Art Schoner254543.5677.56
7Sam Green5510.26.472596.67
8Pete Eosso9.0825558.997.98
9Courtney Bolze253514.182599.18
10Zach Mazur2511.2611.9555103.21
1Paul Ruffle5.118.825.8213.0832.83
2Bill Lewis10.797.246.9810.8135.82
3Dennis Bondi13.417.8510.711.1343.09
4Zach Mazur9.195.432510.7150.33
5Dale Mullin253511.57.6279.12
6Chuck Allard353512.6625107.66
7Steven Gordon2513.554535118.55
8Courtney Bolze254513.7935118.79
9Art Schoner45252525120
10Pete Eosso45359.335124.3
11Sam Green25453545150
12Bill Keplesky65355511.94166.94
1Bill Lewis8.326.049.86.4130.57
2Paul Ruffle6.858.248.839.0532.97
3Courtney Bolze7.559.2811.097.9135.83
4Dennis Bondi9.339.379.039.9437.67
5Art Schoner10.8211.9510.6812.2245.67
6Mike Lawler7.988.015.42546.39
7Sam Green12.1212.6412.69.0746.43
8Zach Mazur9.87356.562576.43
9Wendy Ruffle2511.394535116.39
10Ben Winslow3510.032565135.03
11Chuck Allard655511.6245176.62
12Dale Mullin656513.8235178.82
13Steven Gordon45657535220
14Pete Eosso65956565290
1Courtney Bolze6.266.956.695.9925.89
2Art Schoner10.1510.2311.177.2838.83
3Dale Mullin6.158.38.882548.33
4Bill Lewis14.0811.9910.32561.37
5Dennis Bondi255.855.542561.39
6Zach Mazur8.17257.692565.86
7Paul Ruffle459.719.398.472.5
8Steven Gordon12.1611.5914.363573.11
NFSBill Keplesky13.2910.37352583.66
9Ben Winslow7.825352592.8
10Pete Eosso35353525130
11Bill Keplesky45252545140
12Sam Green553512.7445147.74
1Mike Lawler8.789.438.797.3734.37
2Bill Lewis9.7514.219.359.342.61
3Dennis Bondi5.964.899.912545.76
4Courtney Bolze258.476.4410.250.11
5Sam Green10.87.712510.5954.1
6Steven Gordon257.813.438.9255.15
7Paul Ruffle2512.5410.1911.3959.12
8Art Schoner256.279.442565.71
9Dale Mullin4511.362511.7793.13
10Zach Mazur4535656.11151.11
11Pete Eosso456.265545151.26
12Wendy Ruffle55255535170
5 Gun AggregateCarbineMajorMinorRevolverSubTotal
1Bill Lewis35.7235.8230.5761.3742.61206.09
2Dennis Bondi24.8743.0937.6761.3945.76212.78
3Paul Ruffle27.1732.8332.9772.559.12224.59
4Courtney Bolze99.18118.7935.8325.8950.11329.8
5Art Schoner77.5612045.6738.8365.71347.77
6Dale Mullin30.1479.12178.8248.3393.13429.54
7Zach Mazur103.2150.3376.4365.86151.11446.94
8Steven Gordon17.88118.5522073.1155.15484.69
9Sam Green96.6715046.43147.7454.1494.94
10Pete Eosso97.98124.3290130151.26793.54