January 2015 edition of The Flyer

Paddy Maloney's picture

Welcome to the January 2015 edition of our beloved newsletter called "The Flyer". In this edition of the flyer you will meet ASCs new Editor-in-Chief our our Newsletter and club media. Also we have some great articles from some of our board members. In this edition you will see some sublte changes to content and I hope you enjoy the read. In this newsletter we have new sections with some very helpful and mindful information. 

 In the future there will be more one page bulletin announcements sent out for special events and occiasions. Take a look and let me, your editior, hear some feedback. Feedback encourages growth and that is great for all of us. This is the memberships news media so we want to keep it relelvent and innovative. Enjoy - Paddy Maloney Editor-in-Chief ASC News Media.

Please find our January 2015 newsletter by clicking it below.