Independence Bowling Pin Shoot

Greetings Pin Shooters,

Our next shoot is Saturday, July 4th at the ASC Range. We will set up at 9:30 and begin shooting at 10 AM. In honor of Independence Day, we will host a free cookout after the conclusion of the match. Since the grill will be up and running, this would be an ideal time to bring out family members to see and participate in the pin match. For those who don't care to enter competition, we will set up a couple of untimed strings throughout the match so that future bowling pin shooters can get some practice in without the pressure of the buzzer. This will be a simple set up with a few full sized pins at the back of the table and .22 pistols. For those of you who want to compete, you can brush up on the rules at There are directions to the range as well.

If you have questions about the match or want something special on your hamburger, contact the associate adjunct chief pinhead at See you Saturday!