Fall Classic Bowling Pin Match

Yes, my long suffering Orioles are playing in October this year! Likewise, we will be shooting bowling pins this Saturday, October 4th at 10AM at the beautiful ASC Range. All of you that are coming out for our range clean up work party are invited as well. All you need is a handgun of basically any caliper, 32 rounds of ammunition (less for some diciplines) and a desire to have some fun. By the way, in the HIGHLY unlikely event that you might miss a pin or two, you might want to bring along just a few extra rounds of ammo.

Directions to our range as well as the rules of the match are posted on our web site www.airfieldshootingclub.org. For specific questions, we have a resident pinhead you can contact at stevengordon@cox.net. As it is Yom Kippur, I wish you all well at the match and I will be back with you in November.