December Bowling Pin Match Results

It can be an interesting perspective to come back to something that you enjoy after a time away. As our regular shooters know, I have been absent from most of the actual matches for the past several months. When I arrived to the December match, I had to look for a place to park. It is one thing to process a pile of entry sheets after the event. It is entirely different and quite satisfying to see twenty plus shooters at "your" little match. I say "your", but it really isn't mine any more. This match doesn't happen without Match Directors Courtney Bolze and Art Schoner. We are fortunate to have the efforts of many dedicated club members like Mike Lawler, Chuch Allard, and volunteers like Terry Milteer. Mostly however, we are grateful for all of our shooters. When Cort Tompkins and I restarted the old Virginia Beach Rifle and Pistol Club Pin Match, we were often fortunate to get a half a dozen shooters. Today, we have a vibrant match with exciting competition and an array of equipment that is interesting and great fun to watch.

As far as the competiton is concerned, we saw our first ever sub three second carbine strings this month. The top two competitors were seperated by three one hundreths of a second for fastest string. The Rimfire catagory was decided by one third of a second and minor by about a half a second. Just remember, there is no such thing as an off season. We are now in the preseason for 2017. Get practicing!


Match Results: 

December 2016 Bowling Pin Match Results
CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Steven Gordon4.043.252.832.9213.042.83
2Art Schoner4.283.744.513.3715.9
3Paul Ruffle7.065.63.484.9921.13
4Dale Mullin4.575.043.967.7821.35
5Courtney Bolze2.867.354.67.422.21
6Angela Welters12.9911.397.7810.9343.09
7Jonathan Welters10.2512.99252573.24
1Paul Ruffle6.047.794.474.7423.04
2Terry Miltier3.974.9610.937.4627.323.97
3Courtney Bolze9.737.276.459.733.15
4Frank Sanders6.5510.698.1910.7336.16
5Dale Mullin8.739.5110.739.8938.86
6Frank Sanders8.9113.1598.0839.14
7Steven Gordon12.1914.196.067.5439.98
8Art Schoner7.85357.4511.8962.19
9Frank Sanders7.337.17252564.5
10Buddy Mayes257.567.042564.6
11Clint Mayes258.47252583.47
12Ken Chouinard9.59254511.5391.12
13Chuck Allard2535257.2492.24
14Chip Covent2535251398
15Angela Welters13.394514.4545117.84
16Chip Covent253513.3145118.31
17Chip Covent653513.0812.37125.45
18Jonathan Welters25254555150
19Christopher Foyrear45356545190
20Vinson Foster65656555250
NFSTerry Miltier7.356.945.66.4826.37
1Terry Miltier5.349.669.637.4932.125.34
2Paul Ruffle10.848.226.289.434.74
3Courtney Bolze8.1810.1610.436.7135.48
4Mike Lawler2514.688.998.0356.7
5Art Schoner14.32511.4911.1561.94
6Steven Gordon3510.0310.319.664.94
7Dale Mullin35259.949.1279.06
8Jonathan Welters253514.4613.2787.73
9Jonathan Patterson45253525130
10Angela Welters457545165
11Wendy Ruffle25456545180
NFSVinson Foster55354585220
12Arleya Ashburn959585275
NFSVinson Foster65957565300
13Vinson Foster85657585310
1Courtney Bolze5.775.919.616.0427.33
2Arleya Ashburn10.3910.647.138.1636.32
3Terry Miltier5.25255.625.0140.885.01
4Art Schoner257.089.9110.252.19
5Cal Genereux257.9310.848.4352.2
NFSCal Genereux6.79359.758.3859.92
6Paul Ruffle3510.427.588.1961.19
NFSCal Genereux7.889.35359.2561.48
7Dale Mullin6.85457.767.4967.1
8Jonathan Welters25259.662584.66
9Steven Gordon259.0714.8755103.94
NFSTerry Miltier25352525110
10Angela Welters553511.8425126.84
1Steven Gordon5.538.586.288.0828.47
2Paul Ruffle8.998.416.365.0428.85.04
3Courtney Bolze7.3511.377.056.7832.55
4Dale Mullin7.4513.6310.898.3640.33
5Art Schoner11.968.110.8410.1841.08
6Terry Miltier7.74.362510.1647.22
7Wendy Ruffle5514.322512.02106.34
8Jonathan Welters356.794525111.79
9Chuck Allard45253545150
10Arleya Ashburn65553535190
NFSArleya Ashburn65656565260
5 Gun AggregateCarbineMajorMinorRevolverSubTotal
1Courtney Bolze22.2133.1535.4827.3332.55150.72
2Paul Ruffle21.1323.0434.7461.1928.8168.9
3Art Schoner15.962.1961.9452.1941.08233.3
4Dale Mullin21.3538.8679.0667.140.33246.7
5Steven Gordon 13.0439.9864.94103.9428.47250.37
6Jonathan Welters73.2415087.7384.66111.79507.42