The Airfield Flyer September 2013

          The September issue of The Flyer is here.  With September comes Fall.  For most folks, Fall means leaves changing and falling from trees; the end to crops’ growth resulting in harvest; and many Summer/Spring flowers and plants dying away.  For shooters and ASC members, it is a time for “rebirth” of our shooting sports.  Hunting is coming; the weather is favorable for range activities; and the ASC has ushered in its new ASC Board with new ideas for growth at the range. 


Speaking of the Board, I hope you welcome our new ASC President, Ray Covington, and enjoy his first President’s Corner submission.  We also have a new storage container on the range.  (See article on page 3)  And, time to renew those pistol skills by attending the next ASC Pistol Class on October 12th.

Get out there and enjoy your range, because the Fall is for shooters!


 — Tim Drewry, ASC Vice Pres. & Newsletter Editor

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