The Airfield Flyer May 2013

In this May issue of The Flyer, President Vaught informs members about the next pistol class; discusses the increase of activities on the range; encourages members to join the ASC Board; celebrates the new gun control loss; reports a theft; and talks politics.There is also an article about our stolen Potty!

I want to remind all ASC members that Memorial Day is also in the month of May on the 27th.Attend a memorial service, go see fireworks, attend a picnic, or even celebrate at the ASC gun range.Above all, remember those service men and women that came before us and sacrificed their lives so that we may enjoy the rights and freedoms that we have today.We would not be exercising our 2nd Amendment rights at the ASC range without their service.May God Bless Each of You, Our Troops, and the USA!

  — Tim Drewry, Newsletter Editor