The Airfield Flyer August 2012

ASC Elections were held on July 21 at the ASC Member Meeting Breakfast. Election results: Richard Vaught returns as ASC President; Ray Covington is new VP; Kerry Johnson returns temporarily (until 2013) as Treasurer; Dave Joyner returns as XO; Mike Bromley is new Chief Instructor; Jim Cofer returns as Shotgun Director; Greg Szalkowski is back as Webmaster; I have been elected to the Newsletter Editor position; and retuning as Directors are Charlie Daniels, John Zupka, Carol Smeltzer & Gary Peroni. Chris Glaves announced at the Member Meeting that he would not be filling the Secretary position. If you are interested, we are in need of a new ASC Secretary! Chris has been an excellent Secretary and we will greatly miss him! NOTE: Next Board Meeting is August 25th and not August 18th; Range is closed from 2:00 - 6:00 pm on 18th.