Citigroup Sets Restrictions on Gun Sales by Business Partners

  Citigroup is setting restrictions on the sale of firearms by its business customers, making it the first Wall Street bank to take a stance in the divisive nationwide gun control debate. The new policy, announced Thursday, prohibits the sale of firearms to customers who have not passed a background check or who are younger than 21. It also bars the sale of bump stocks and high-capacity magazines. It would apply to clients who offer credit cards backed by Citigroup or borrow money, use banking services or raise capital through the company.

Vermont: House committee approves slew of gun restrictions despite flood of opposition from Vermonters

Just days after Vermont’s pro-gun coalition issued a joint complaint to House leaders regarding a lack of accessibility to lawmakers, the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday passed S.55, which includes a handful of significant restrictions on Second Amendment rights. Lawmakers approved the bill on a 6-5 mostly party-line vote, with just committee Vice Chair Rep. Charles Conquest, D-Wells River, crossing party lines to join Republicans in voting against the measure. While the underlying bill concerns what to do with police storage of confiscated guns, key amendments include universal background checks for private sales, a limit on magazine capacity to 10 rounds, an age limit of 21 for gun purchases and a ban on bump stocks.

Any Study Of 'Gun Violence' Should Include How Guns Save Lives

After the Parkland, Florida shootings, some are calling for more government research into “gun violence.” Currently, the federal government’s Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is restricted by Congress from using tax money to promote gun control (although not from conducting research into gun-related violence). Some legislators want to remove this funding restriction. Separate from the federal government, the state of California has created a “gun violence research center” and the state of New Jersey is considering establishing a similar program. Similarly, university professors such as David Hemenway of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, have called for more federal funding of gun violence research.

YouTube introduces stricter policies on gun videos

YouTube will begin a new crackdown on videos involving firearms. This week, the video-streaming platform said it will ban videos that promote websites selling guns and gun accessories including bump stocks. It will also ban videos that show how to assemble firearms.

NRA-backed self-defense bill becomes law in Idaho

Passing with backing from law enforcement and prosecutors, a vital piece of legislation that significantly improves every law-abiding citizen’s ability to defend themselves become law in the great state of Idaho.

Connecticut: Gun Control Bills to be Heard

On March 23rd, the Connecticut Joint Committee on Judiciary will be hearing gun control legislation that would regulate certain firearm build components as firearms themselves and far exceed federal law, allow interviews of family members for the issuance of pistol permits, and ban certain firearm parts and accessories.  Please contact committee members and urge them to OPPOSE House Bills 5540 and 5542.  Click the “Take Action” button to contact committee members and call them at (860) 240‑0530.

Delaware: Anti-Gun Legislation Passes out of House

Yesterday, the Delaware House passed House Bill 330, which would prohibit law-abiding adults aged 18 to 20 from purchasing or transferring a rifle or rifle ammunition without permission from a parent or guardian.

Hawaii: Anti-Reciprocity Resolutions to Be Heard

On Wednesday March 21st, the Hawaii state House Committee on Judiciary will be hearing House Concurrent Resolution 37 and House Resolution 29 requesting the Congressional Delegation of Hawaii to vote against any national reciprocity legislation.  HCR 37 and HR 29 previously passed the House Committee on Public Safety and Military Affairs on March 8.  Please contact members of the committee and urge them to OPPOSE HCR 37 and HR 29.  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact committee members.

California: Firearm-Related Bills Pass First Committee Hearings

Today, the Assembly Water Parks and Wildlife Committee heard and passed AB 2151 and the Assembly Public Safety Committee heard and passed both AB 1927 and AB 2103. The bills will next move to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. 

Poll: More want school security than gun control

The survey, done by Gallup, found that by a margin of 56 percent to 41 percent, “Americans are more likely to say the government should change laws related to ‘school security and mental health system’ rather than the ‘laws on the sales of guns and ammunition’ as the best way to prevent future school shootings.”