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A Turkey of a Match?


So you are expecting to read about how Paul Ruffle pounded the rest of us with his mind numbing regularity in the five gun aggregate score.  Can you believe that Matthew Babb posted a scorching 3.13 string time in major? Sure the weather was great and we all had fun … blah, blah, blah. Except that isn’t what I want to write about. All of that math stuff is at the end of the article where it always is.

Zombie Pin Match Results

We had a great mix of old and new shooters come out on Saturday to defend our range from those dreaded zombie pins. If you need to tune up your times, you have an entire month until the the Turkey match on November 2nd to get ready. We will see you at the range then (or before if you practice!)

Thanks to our Pinmasters, Courtney, Art and PM Emeritus Cort for their help with the match.Results are below.


Pigskin Pin Match Results

You could not have asked for a better day for a shooting match that the September Pigskin Pin Match. We had nearly a score of shooters gunning down pins in relay after relay of competitive action. We kept eight tables hopping for almost four and half hours. Thanks to our co-match directors Courtney and Art for the time they put in on the match. And thanks to all of our shooters for coming out and burning their increasingly valuable ammo in seach of the elusive thrill of being a bowling pin top gunner.

Zombie Pin Match Results

The zombie bowling pins were out in full force at the range, but our skilled shooters defended our club against the onslaught of this menace. There was a nice turnout of nearly a score of shooters for the match. The weather was quite mild and despite all of the rain from Sandy, the range floor was firm and dry. No one shooter dominated the match this month and we had a large number of shooters who shot all five categories. Thanks to all of the participants for coming out. Our last match of the year will be December 1st.

Columbus Day Bowling Pin Match Results

The weather was perfect for shooting and we took full advantage of it at the Columbus Day pin match. The action was furious and there were some very fast string times. One of the very nice things about today's match was that our shooters brought friends and spouses. I hope we will continue that trend and bring even more people out next month. Our next match is Novenber 3rd. See you then


Labor Day Pin-a-thon Match Results

The results are in for the Labor Day Bowling Pin-A-thon. We had an excellent mix of experienced shooters and new players. when the tote board was tallied up, there were a lot of good scores, tired pins, and big smiles. If Jerry Lewis attended the match, he did not shoot. Better luck with that next year. You won't have to wait that long. Our next match is October 6th at the ASC Range. We will see you there.


The Firecracker Pin Match Results

It was hot as a firecracker at the range on July 7th, but that did not impede out intrepid shooters. The results for the match are posted below. Thanks to all that came out for the shoot. If you did not make it, you can shoot pins with us next month on August 4th. I would like to thank Courtney Bolze for running the match this month.



MayDay Mahem Pin Match Results

It certainly felt warmer that the 83 degrees the Weather Service recorded today at Wakefield. Our 16 intreped shooters were undetered. We even saw a shooter drop 2 pins with one shot. Sadly, we didn't have video today. The shooting results are posted below. If you had to miss this match, don't despair, just mark your calendar for Saturday, June 2nd.


See you then,




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