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November Bowling Pin Match Results

Thanks to all of our shooters for coming out this month. We had a great Match. If you missed it, we will have one more match on December 3rd, and then we take the cold months off, returing in April of 2017. Don't wait that long come, to the December match. Results are posted below. 


Dog Days Match Results

Thanks to all of our intrepid shooters who braved the heat to shoot pins. Special thanks to my co-match directors Art and Courtney for running a fun and safe contest. We had a nice turnout and shooters turned in some excellent times. We will see you next month at the Labor Day Weekend match.

Independence Bowling Pin Shoot Results

We had a strong turnout with almost twenty participants at the July Pin Match. Our intrepid group of shooters were met with almost perfect shooting conditions. While the road to the range experienced a washout due to the previous evening's storm, the range now drains quite well. The results from the match are listed below. We are getting a great mix of shooters now and if you have not tried you hand at pins, you should. Come on out on August 6. See you then.



May 2016 Bowling Pin Results

Despite impending doom in the weather department, we managed to get in a shooting match this month. Our thirteen intrepid ahooters broke in our brand new tables. The results from our May 2016 bowling pin match are posted for your viewing pleasure. Congratulations to Dennis Bondi who took the 5 gun aggregate. A shout out as well to a new family of shooters, the Kakels and especially to Garrett, who turned in a remarkable performance at the match.

Holiday Bowling Pin Shoot Results

We had what was arguably the best weather of the year for our December Bowling Pin Match. As many of you already know, we don't shoot Bowling Pins again until April of 2016 because the cold weather causes the plastic coating on the pins to shatter. Without this coating, the pins are often destroyed the first time we shoot them.

Independence Day Bowling Pin Shoot Results

It was a fabulous old school day on the range for our July Bowling Pin Shoot. Thanks to all of our shooters who came out for the match and a cookout afterwards. Even the weather gods smiled on us, although it was rather warm. It was also a day of larger caliber dominance, with a Dessert Eagle in .50AE walloping the pins for first place in Major. Likwise, smaller diameter bullets struggled to keep up with the .45ACP for carbine, which pummeled the pins off the table. Leaving only one question to be asked. Does anyone know where I can get a .50AE carbine?

The Real May Bowling Pin Match Results!

Dear Bowling Pin Shooters,

Well, I don't know any way to say it other than I completely screwed up the results from last week's match. I left out one shooter entirely. I accidently placed another shooters carbine score in he major catagory, and I cheated another shooter out of two seconds in carbine. The scores that I believe to be correct are posted below.


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