Defensive shooting

Defensive Pistol Match 29 March 2014


The March Defensive Pistol Match will take place on Saturday 29 March.

Setup will begin on the 50 Meter range at 8 AM.

The weather forecast for Saturday is not looking good. It it rains Friday or Saturday, the range will be a muddy mess and we will have to cancel. Keep refreshing this page and we will update as soon as we make a decision.

Everyone is encouraged to help paste targets and Airfield members who help setup can earn service hours.


Defensive Pistol Shooting Match

50 yard range in use from 08:00 till 16:00 or whenever cleanup is done.

Set-up: 8 am - 9 am on the 50 yard range.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

We do not have a sufficient number of shooters for a regular ASC Defensive Pistol match this month, and will hold a training session instead.  For this seasson we ask shooters to contribute a fee of $5 to offset costs for consumables and targets.

No prior experience is required and is open to anyone that wants to either participate.



Saturday, 29 November, 2014 - 08:00


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