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Shoot the Pins, Save the Bunny

Come one, come all to the April 2012 Bowling Pin shoot. It is Easter weekend but bunnies are out of season. Pins are not. This will be our first nice weather this year and a perfect time to show off those pistol skills you practiced all winter! If you didn't practice, remember the words of one of our long time area pin shooters, Tom Tyrell. "We hold matches because there is no time to practice"

Pin Match This Weekend March 3rd 2012

Greetings Pin Shooters,

Our first Bowling Pin Match of the year is this Saturday, March 3rd at the ASC range in Wakefield. You can find directions to the range here . We will be shooting on the 100 meter range so that a 4H program can be held on the 50. Please park on the 100 meter side to leave room for the other participants. As usual, we will begin setting up by 9:30 so we can start shooting by 10 AM. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at . I look forward to shooting with you on Saturday.


Bowling Pin Match

Bowling Pin Matches are fast paced, close range handgun competitions that place a premium on accuracy and reliable equipment and ammunition.  We shoot the matches at retired bowling pins purchased from bowling alleys after they have reached the end of their useful life.

Shooters are allowed 15 seconds to knock a string bowling pins off of an 8 foot table located 25 feet downrange.

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