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Range Safety Officers Needed Saturday Oct 26th

Two Range Safety Officers are needed for Saturday the 26th.

One for the 50 meter and one for the skeet range.

There will be two groups of 10 that will shoot on the 50 meter range and then swap over to the skeet range.

Safety Officers can work in shifts if mroe sign.

This is a great opportunity to show a group of people how much fun it is to shoot and knock out some service hours.

Please contact the Chief Instructor to volunteer.        instructor@airfieldshootingclub.org


4-H is looking for ASC members

The 4H Center would like to try a new program with the Airfield Shooting Club (ASC) for Range Safety Officers (RSOs) and the ASC Board has agreed to try this experimental program for a couple of months. The long and short of it is as follows:

1) 4H would ask that anyone who is interested to fill out a employment application that the 4H Center will send to you.

2) You would became an employee of the 4H Center for the day that you are a RSO and be paid by the 4H Center -- currently $10 a hour.

3) The 4H Center will contact you by either phone or e-mail and see who is available for the dates requested, if none, then we revert back to the standard procedure of ASC getting RSOs to support the 4H shooting activity if possible.

4) All members of the ASC who are interested please call 1-757-899-4901 and ask for Heather or James or Mike for the employment form.

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