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September Service Rifle Results

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Perhaps the heavy rains which swept through the Hampton Roads area during the week of 7-12 September causing heavy floods caused many folks to not venture out to the Airfield Shooting Club for the month match. Going from “feast to famine” we had a drop in September participants, but six folks came out to shoot.  A total of $35.00 was raised this month.

August 2014 Service Rifle Results

Results are in from Saturday, August 9th Match.

This month we had 9 participants (8 turning in scores) we ran 3 relays with some shooters shoting there rifles in different configerations.

It was a hot day but overcast. overall a good day to shoot.


The Service Rifle match continues to be conducted on the second Saturday of the month, and registration starts at 8:30am with the first relay being conducted at 9am

If you are interesting it shooting, come on out!

July 2014 Service Rifle Results

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The Airfield Shooting Club (ASC) conducted its monthly Service Rifle Competition on 12 July 2014. This month had a record high for the year with 14  participants (12 turning in scores)—running four firing orders to get everyone through. One setback was the delayed starting time (9:30am) due to a wedding at the 4H Center that morning.                

Service Rifle Match Results June 2014

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You could not ask for a more perfect summer day—temperature just right, bright and sunny, with the range pretty much dried for the rain the day before. The 14 June Service Rifle Match had a record breaking crowd, actually having to run three relays of shooters. All in all, a total of ten participants showed up to shoot a wide range of vintage and modern military sporting rifles. There were several “guests” of ASC members who were on hand to participate and observe the match. We also had some new ASC members participating.

May 2014 Service Rifle Match Results

The day was warm and just a bit humid, but the sun was shining and the breeze wasn't too strong.  Pretty good conditions for a service rifle match.  Six shooters (all ASC members) came out to have fun exercising some nice old rifles.  Notice how many M1903A3s were used.  One might ask what happened to the Garands?  Chances are that they're just taking a break and will be back again in force next month.

Service Rifle Match April 2014 Results

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It was a beautiful April day with a slight breeze on the range to come and hear the big-bore military rifles roar. This month only had three shooters showing up...perhaps because of Spring Break going on. With the weather warming up, plan on coming out and shooting a round or two to knock the winter dust off of those carbines and rifles.

Service Rifle Match Results - July 13 2013

The July Military “As issued” Service Rifle Match was held this past Saturday..

It was an over cast, hot and humid day, with some showers. But our shooters braved it and shot on...


The M1 Garand ruled the day followed by a US M1903A3 and the good old Russian M91/30

5 shooters total and 1 new one.. Thanks to all for coming out.

Scores below.


Service Rifle Match Results 13 April 2013

The April Military "As Issued" match had a larger than usual turnout with 9 shooters showing up for the event. The weather was beautiful for shooting and there was a very wide variety of rifles to observe being fired. The M1 Garand was the most prolific rifle out there with no less than 5 shooters firing them. There was also a US M1903A3, an M1A (US M14 type rifle), a Swedish 6.5x55 Carl Gustavs  Mauser, and a US M1898 Springfield (Krag).

Service Rifle Match Results 12 January 2013

The January "As Issued" Service Rifle Match was a great time! 6 shooters competed using a variety of WWII and Cold War era rifles with the oldest rifle present being a Russian Model 91/30 "3 Line" Mosin Nagant. There were also 3 WWII M1 Garands, a 1950's Belgian FN FAL and a full blown match grade AR15 that competed against itself in the "Unlimited" Class.


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