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July 2015 Service Rifle

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The next match will occur on 8 August 2015, so mark your calendars. We challenge ASC members to not only show up, but also bring a friend to shoot with you. Remember, that the more people who come out and learn to enjoy shooting will be more supportive to our Second Amendment rights when they see and experience how safe and fun it can be! 

May Service & Zombie Match Results

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The second Saturday of the month Service and Zombie Match brought some beautiful weather which was just right for getting that rifle out and putting some rounds safely down range in a little friendly competition. We had six shooters who participated, but we also know that there are many more whose rifles are feeling lonely in the safe and are begging to get out and have some bullets run down their barrels. So, come folks, let's mark the calendar and come out on 13 June 2015 and see how you stack up against the competition.

2014 "X-Men" of the Airfield Shooting Club

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The results are in and finalized. Here are the "X-Men" of the Service Rifle Matches which were held during calendar year 2014. If you're wondering what an "X-Man" is, well it is those who hit dead center on the SR-1 targets used for the Service Rifle Match. Congradulations to ASC member Cortney Bolze who is the top "X-Man" with 19 registered Xs for 2014. For the 2015 season, we would like to see some "X-Women" in on the roster! Let's go ladies!

January 2015 Service & Zombie Match Results

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Despite temperatures hovering around the 24-degree mark and ice on the pond leading into the range, the first Service and Zombie Match kicking off the 2015 season had six participants. Fortunately, those who braved the cold have managed to keep the zombies from over-running the range and threatening club members. The “black guns” seemed to be the rage on the range, with two bolt action rifles showing up too. The ASC Executive Officer was pleased to have an opportunity to try out his new Christmas gift.

Service Rifle and Zombie Match Results for November 2014

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Saturday 8 November 2014 was a busy day for the Airfield Shooting Club. The nice fall weather, combined with Boy Scouts and ASC Service and Zombie Match shooters had the parking lot and ranges congested. With 100+ personnel on the range, it was a great day of shooting and more importantly, a VERY SAFE day of shooting.

The debut of the “Zombie Match” was very successful, having 10 participants executing the challenging course of fire (CoF) in the five various categories. Given that this was the first time

Service Rifle Match October 2014

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Despite the rainy weather which moved through the Hampton Roads area late Friday night, the October Service Rifle Match was well attended, drawing seven participants and raising $40.00 for the club. One non-member also participated and commented afterwards that he really liked the set-up that the ASC provides.


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