January Service Rifle Match

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The New Year started with a bang, as seven members competed in the first match of the new shooting season. The weather was surpisingly pleasant and all shooters enjoyed their time on the range. As of the end of the first match, Mike Lawler has taken the lead as this year's X-Man.

VCDL Lobby Day

Most of you have probably heard of the egregious actions the current governor of Virginia and Attorney General have recently taken to restrict your ability to exercise your liberties. Inline with our focus on shooting education, the Board wants to encourage all of our members to attend the VCDL rally in Richmond on 18 January. The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is at the forefront of protecting your rights in Virginia and we encourage all of our members to support them as much as possible.

December Service / Zombie Match Cancellation

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The December 2015 Service and Zombie Match is cancelled. The Match Director will be supporting the First Steps Pistol Class. We will pick back up in January 2016 with our first match of the New Year scheduled for 9 January 2016. Have a great, and safe Holiday Season. Remember to always practice safety on the range and you are the Shooting Sports Ambasadors which represent the Second Amendment! 

Holiday Bowling Pin Shoot Results

We had what was arguably the best weather of the year for our December Bowling Pin Match. As many of you already know, we don't shoot Bowling Pins again until April of 2016 because the cold weather causes the plastic coating on the pins to shatter. Without this coating, the pins are often destroyed the first time we shoot them.

Holiday Pin Shoot

We are pleased to announce our last Bowling Pin Shoot of the season this Saturday December at the ASC Range. Setup begins around 9:30 and we will shoot immediately after. This is our last pin shoot until April of 2016, so you won't want to miss it. For questions about the match or directions, see our web site at www.airfieldshootingclub.org. For specific questions, email our pinhead pinmaster at stevengordon@cox.net

See you Saturday

November 2015 Newsletter

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In this issue we look at a topic and see where and how it came to be. We will be doing more of these and I would encourage that any of you who know of a great story be it military, hunting, shooting, or anything of our interest, please email it to the editor@airfieldshootingclub.org. This newsletter is a little different looking so do not get discouraged.


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