Renewals and Service Hours notice.

Hello ASC Members.

Renewals.. Yes it’s almost that time year, Joy..  ;)  So to make things run smoother this year,

here are a few items that need your attention.


1. Service Hours..

As our newsletter editor, Paddy, mentioned in the last newsletter..  If you have perform some/ any kind of service for club this past year.. Please email the secretary!  email:

The membership year runs from April 2015 to March 2016

Include your Name, Member #, Date and about how much Time you spent.

This will help with calculation and processing your membership dues come March, and avoid the... what the?? I thought I did.... when you get the renewal form.


2. Renewal Forms..

We have a question for you..  How do you want your renewal form sent to you?

Via U.S. mail or via email?

I an effort to speed things up, avoid delays and cut cost.  We would like to send the renewal forms out via email.


Via.. Email..

The form would come as an attachment (a PDF). You would print it out, Sign it, and send it in with your payment.


Via.. U.S. Mail..

The form would be mailed to you. Sign it and send it in with your payment.


When we receive it, we will process it and then send you new membership card out to you.

Please let the secretary know what you’d like. Email him at


Thank you for taking the time for these items.

Any problems, questions etc... Please email the Secretary.