Holiday Bowling Pin Shoot Results

We had what was arguably the best weather of the year for our December Bowling Pin Match. As many of you already know, we don't shoot Bowling Pins again until April of 2016 because the cold weather causes the plastic coating on the pins to shatter. Without this coating, the pins are often destroyed the first time we shoot them.

Stay tuned to this space for information about the 2016 season and the work party we will need to rebuild our tables for the upcoming year. Most importantly, thanks to all of our shooters that turned out over the past year for your support. The results of the shoot are posted for your viewing pleasure.


Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Steven Gordon4.83.983.973.5216.273.52
2Courtney Bolze4.833.816.614.0919.34
3Paul Ruffle13.169.944565133.1
NFSTerry Miltier6.893.726.627.8525.08
1Steven Gordon6.416.685.867.5526.5
2Terry Miltier5.912.298.735.7732.695.77
3Courtney Bolze8.6312.7510.4212.8744.67
4Charles Lankford256.4311.5410.9553.92
5Chuck Allard4511.2914.058.5378.87
6Paul Ruffle10.338.95556.0780.35
1Terry Miltier9.645.586.547.6129.375.58
2Paul Ruffle6.467.179.847.2430.71
3Steven Gordon11.241511.8214.3852.44
4Courtney Bolze8.299.8612.622555.77
5Mike Lawler10.147.989.533562.65
6Wendy Ruffle14.031310.972563
7Charles Lankford13.028.14352581.16
8Chuck Allard13.08452525108.08
1Courtney Bolze8.475.2110.367.631.64
2Terry Miltier256.445.166.1742.775.16
NFSTerry Miltier6.166.3257.5845.04
3Steven Gordon2510.548.7710.0754.38
4Paul Ruffle3510.998.4511.9766.41
5Charles Lankford25258.3345103.33
1Terry Miltier5.146.396.066.724.295.14
2Courtney Bolze6.126.369.595.9828.05
3Paul Ruffle6.829.327.285.4428.86
4Mike Lawler12.397.825.635.4931.33
5Steven Gordon13.2114.32513.5666.07
6Charles Lankford258.99252583.99
7Wendy Ruffle25355514.51129.51
5 Gun AggregateCarbineMajorMinorRevolverSubTotal
Courtney Bolze19.3444.6755.7731.6428.05179.47
Steven Gordon16.2726.552.4454.3866.07215.66
Paul Ruffle133.180.3530.7166.4128.86339.43