Women on Target Results May 2010

Airfield Shooting Club held its third Women On Target clinic on Saturday 22 May.  Fortunately the substantial rainfall that we’d experienced earlier in the week subsided in time and we had a nice day for our event.  Thirty ladies attended our clinic, some of whom had no previous firearms experience.


A Great Group of Ladies……


All of the instructors and volunteers were introduced and the goals of the clinic were laid out clearly as part of the safety brief.  The first goal was to be safe.  We told the ladies that we intended to ensure that they were safe at all times.  If at any time they did not feel perfectly safe they were asked to consult with a nearby instructor.  The second goal was for the ladies to have fun while learning.  The ladies were then divided into three groups of ten and they began a rotation through pistol, rifle, and shotgun disciplines.

The schedule for the day allowed for two of the disciplines to be completed in the morning followed by a very nice lunch buffet at the Airfield 4H Center.  The third discipline began after lunch.  When they’d completed the third discipline, the ladies chose their favorite discipline and shot for about an hour to complete the day’s shooting clinic. 

At the end of the day, each of the ladies agreed that the goals of the clinic were met: safety was maintained at all times and they all had lots of FUN!

We would like to thank the instructors Back row (left to right) Dale Mullin, George Perry, Courtney Bolze, Tim Drewry, Steven Gordon, Gil Sadler, Curtis Stone and Dwayne Davis.  Front row (left to right) Carol Smeltzer and Mary Harrison. Clinic Coordinators: Linn Mullin and Kelly King.  Instructor Jim Slee helped with the pistol discipline, but had to leave before this photo was taken.