Pearl Harbor Day Bowling Pin Match Results

Despite ominous skys and the insistant threats from the weatherman, we made our best effort to hold the Pearl Harbor Day Pin match. We finished a little less than half of the shoot before Mother Nature executed a perfect rain attack that shut us down. I have compliled the results we were able get in below. Our pin match season is now over until spring. We will resume in April, once the weather is warm enough that the pins won't shatter when the bullets hit them.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank a few people without which our matches would not function. First and foremost, my co-match director Courtney Bolze, who has made everything happen this year while my schedule precluded attending many of our events. Art Schoner has always stepped up and has not broken any of my guns for a year now. Michael Lawler, our club secretary, handles our cash and supports almost every match we hold. There are others as well, and if I missed you, I am sorry.

I will see you in March when we meet to rebuild our pin tables for the new season.


Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
Steven Gordon12.554.563.925.8326.86
1Courtney Bolze9.149.825.946.2231.125.94
2Paul Ruffle6.849.5710.2911.5338.23
3Bill Keplesky12.513514.547.569.55
4Dale Mullin12.6113.9813.454585.04
5Art Schoner35255525140.00
6Chris Covert45452535150.00
7Alan Atkins35254555160.00
1Paul Ruffle8.857.255.967.9830.045.96
2Art Schoner2510.183514.1884.36
3Dale Mullin25452512.66107.66
4Michael Lawler7510.279.8912.56107.72
5Wendy Ruffle4514.974514.05119.02
6Alan Atkins55357585250.00
NFSAlan Atkins95358585300.00
NFSBill Keplesky9.8745259.3589.22
1Chris Covert25357.9245112.927.92
2Bill Keplesky35553510.08135.08
1Michael Lawler7.
2Courtney Bolze8.39257.029.1249.53
3Steven Gordon9.873510.987.8363.68
4Art Schoner9.019.34510.3173.62
5Dale Mullin14.96453512.21107.17
6Wendy Ruffle35454545170.00