Zombie Bowling Pin Match Results

The Zombie Pins lived up to their undead reputation at this November's match. They weaved, they bobbed. a few of mine even moved as the bullets approached. After a determined effort, many of them did actually fall down. Sadly, many of mine were wounded but still managed to stay on the table. As the scores indicate, other shooters were more successful. Our aggregate winner, Paul Ruffle, had a "no pin left behind” day. Dennis Bondi had a sub 20 second performance with his PX4 carbine. Congratulations to all of our category winners. We will see you all next month at our Pearl Harbor Day Pin Shoot.

Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Dennis Bondi5.384.493.424.3417.633.42
2Paul Ruffle10.138.415.367.1731.07
3Coutrney Bolze9.117.425.9812.1134.62
1Terry Miltier6.223.513.274.2517.253.27
2Coutrney Bolze7.26.0911.559.0633.9
3Paul Ruffle6.16.696.4614.6833.93
NFSTerry Miltier6.1511.916.069.8934.01
4Steven Gordon10.7410.3212.822558.88
5Bill Keplesky14.2311.313545105.54
6Art Schoner35353514.1119.1
NFSBill Keplesky4511.042555136.04
7Dennis Bondi3513.594545138.59
1Terry Miltier5.925.46.156.6624.135.4
NFSTerry Miltier4.354.816.98.4224.48
2Paul Ruffle7.125.7411.687.3331.87
3Coutrney Bolze7.811.068.65.7633.22
NFSMike Lawler253511.58.4779.97
4Wendy Ruffle13.0635252598.06
5Mike Lawler25352525110
6Dennis Bondi354512.4625117.46
7Art Schoner11.79254555136.79
8Steven Gordon35553545170
1Coutrney Bolze6.565.01257.6944.265.01
2Paul Ruffle8.568.9113.2914.1444.9
3Art Schoner11.992511.487.2155.68
4Dennis Bondi9.125359.3278.42
5Steven Gordon14.59254512.7497.33
6Bill Keplesky454511.345146.3
1Terry Miltier6.
2Paul Ruffle6.2612.018.178.2634.7
3Mike Lawler256.565.159.4746.18
4Art Schoner6.74256.152562.89
5Coutrney Bolze10.929.953510.8766.74
6Steven Gordon259.15258.9368.08
7Dennis Bondi4.79554565169.794.79
8Wendy Ruffle65555535210
5 Gun AggregateCarbineMajorMinorRevolverSubTotal
1Paul Ruffle31.0733.9331.8744.934.7176.47
2Coutrney Bolze34.6233.933.2244.2666.74212.74
3Dennis Bondi17.63138.59117.4678.42169.79521.89