May - Hem Pin match results!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our club members who have come out and supported our matches. It is nice to see so many ASC members at the matches. For those of you who have not made it out yet, we are eager to welcome you. We promise the same great weather we had this month for each match. Of course, don't come out in June since the ASC will be sponsoring the Women on Target event. Other than that, we shoot on the first Saturday of every month except January, February, and March, when it is too cold for the plastic that holds the pins together. Results for the May match are posted for your viewing plesure. We will see you in July.

The resident ASC pinhead.

Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Dale Mullin6.545.714.98.625.754.9
2Courtney Bolze7.616.837.532546.97
3Allen Moran356.795.735.9453.46
4Kevin Jensen65554565230.00
1Terry Milteer4.616.574.753.4519.383.45
NFSTerry Milteer6.92134.9512.1337.00
2Dale Mullin7.628.9313.169.8439.55
3Steven Gordon9.892512.8412.2559.98
4Allen Moran10.227.9252568.12
5Courtney Bolze7.7413.24458.2274.20
NFSTerry Milteer8.6913.668.358.7739.47
1Courtney Bolze11.0612.657.48940.197.48
2Jeff Jensen10.212.0513.9310.4446.62
NFSJeff Jensen6.762512.428.5252.70
NFSJeff Jensen9.689.2612.372556.31
3Terry Milteer13.544510.489.1278.14
4Kevin Jensen9.52352535104.52
5Dale Mullin553514.4912.52117.01
NFSBrian Burton35352525120.00
NFSShawn Henry554512.398.64121.03
NFSBrian Burton10.56354555145.56
NFSTravis Henry55452535160.00
6Brian Burton7511.813545166.81
7Everett Brazie25455545170.00
NFSEverett Brazie55555514.77179.77
8Shawn Henry45452565180.00
NFSShawn Henry65354545190.00
9Travis Henry55456555220.00
NFSTravis Henry55659545260.00
1Courtney Bolze9.917.947.768.4334.04
NFSGeorge Joyce11.0310.18452591.21
NFSGeorge Joyce7.01352545112.017.01
2Dale Mullin4535358.55123.55
NFSMelissa Burton25454514.76129.76
3Allen Moran35453535150.00
4George Joyce35356525160.00
5Melissa Burton55655545220.00
Sub1Courtney Bolze10.817.265.392548.465.39
2Steven Gordon10.83659.877.9893.68
3Kevin Jensen352510.762595.76
4Dale Mullin35457.411.3198.71
NFSKevin Jensen12.486513.3613.65104.49
5 Gun Aggregate
Courtney Bolze46.9774.2040.1934.0448.46243.86
Dale Mullin25.7539.55117.01123.5598.71404.57