April Bowling Pin Match Results


Please accept my apologies for not getting the match results posted sooner. I was out of town for most of the week and my laptop failed me. We had a perfect match day and the shooters enjoyed themselves. Because of time restraints, only one shooter shot all catagories, so I am not reporting the combined score this month. Our next match will be Saturday May 3rd. And remember, there is no June match to make way for Women on Target.

See you at the range next month.



Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Paul Ruffle10.1313.518.6512.0244.318.56
2John Harrison25452545140.00
NFSTerry Milteer7.
1Terry Milteer6.024.787.486.2524.53
2Matthew Babb4.276.483.2814.228.233.28
3Paul Ruffle3512.769.4411.5668.76
4Art Schoner252514.5212.7777.29
5Courtney Bolze25355.5513.4178.96
NFSRandy Johnson25452510.12105.12
6Randy Johnson35354525140.00
NFSRandy Johnson258.826545143.82
7Greg Szalkowski55255545180.00
8Chuck Allard55355535180.00
NFSRandy Johnson35654565210.00
1Matthew Babb8.818.325.664.2627.054.26
NFSTerry Milteer7.149.667.985.4530.23
2Terry Milteer11.349.497.155.7133.69
3Paul Ruffle9.938.548.637.5634.66
NFSTerry Milteer6.125.2614.4914.9840.85
NFSTerry Milteer10.715.6514.5313.244.09
4Barry Moore11.1711.0911.5214.8648.64
5Courtney Bolze358.7313.9110.2967.93
NFSTerry Milteer6.384.744513.4269.54
6Jerry Cardwell12.18553514.64116.82
NFSMatthew Babb45654.767.25122.01
7Greg Szalkowski2514.014545129.01
8Chuck Allard25355525140.00
NFSJerry Cardwell14.5752535149.50
NFSJerry Cardwell45453525150.00
9Mark Seawell65758585310.00
10Wendy Ruffle85958565330.00
1Courtney Bolze9.0711.66.746.4833.896.48
2Paul Ruffle7.38252511.5768.95
3Art Schoner35352525120.00
1Courtney Bolze7.116.977.376.427.85
2Paul Ruffle9.7712.8512.272559.89
3Matthew Babb2512.85.992568.795.99
NFSMary Harrison10.599.73352580.32
4Kevin Jensen2510.85252585.85
NFSKevin Jensen6.6125253591.61
5Art Schoner3525259.5494.54
6John Harrison9.48359.224598.70
7Greg Szalkowski25353512.78107.78
8Mary Harrison352513.1435108.14
NFSKevin Jensen457.533525112.53
NFSJohn Harrison5535258.16123.16
9Chuck Allard65352555180.00
10Wendy Ruffle65654555230.00