Pigskin Pin Match Results

You could not have asked for a better day for a shooting match that the September Pigskin Pin Match. We had nearly a score of shooters gunning down pins in relay after relay of competitive action. We kept eight tables hopping for almost four and half hours. Thanks to our co-match directors Courtney and Art for the time they put in on the match. And thanks to all of our shooters for coming out and burning their increasingly valuable ammo in seach of the elusive thrill of being a bowling pin top gunner.

Your match results are posted. if you did not best your peers, you have a month to practice. We will see you at the 2nd Annual Zombie Pin Match on October 5th at the range.


Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
Paul Ruffle5.595.334.424.9320.27
Brett Lewis5.335.247.713.8222.108.82
Courtney Bolze13.88.8510.359.4942.49
Frank Fifelski8.765.04457.4866.28
NFSJohn Harrison35553555180.00
John Harrison45256555190.00
Matthew Babb7.2114.38.619.9340.05
Paul Ruffle5.875.434.992541.294.99
Frank Fifelski8.053510.488.862.33
Terry Miltier8.56259.492568.05
Art Schoner2513.2212.673585.89
Courtney Bolze8.58253545113.58
Jeff Rosenfeld9.86454545144.86
Brett Lewis11.27553555156.27
Paul Perusse65653545210.00
Nicholas Perusse65655565250.00
Matthew Babb5.575.958.614.9625.094.96
Frank Fifelski10.017.456.57.2531.21
Brett Lewis6.7510.737.558.3333.36
Paul Ruffle7.0710.937.489.4334.91
NFSTerry Miltier2510.6511.327.5654.53
Terry Miltier3512.0110.0510.6567.71
Jeff Rosenfeld25258.89.768.50
NFSKevin Jackson2514.810.863585.66
Courtney Bolze4512.858.022590.87
Michael Lawler2535258.3393.33
Art Schoner252510.953595.95
Kevin Jackson453514.4212.42106.84
Jerry Cardwell13.75452555138.75
Jerry Cardwell35255535150.00
Paul Perusse65355545200.00
Jerry Cardwell25654585220.00
Nicholas Perusse55857585300.00
Adrienne Jackson65659575300.00
Brett Lewis7.4910.695.927.3931.49
Courtney Bolze13.196.27258.5553.01
Paul Ruffle9.9711.7110.863567.54
Art Schoner9.649.64252569.28
Frank Fifelski655.595.156.8382.575.15
Jeff Rosenfeld25452555150.00
Paul Ruffle6.568.088.495.6328.76
Courtney Bolze11.427.796.037.7132.95
NFSJohn Harrison9.696.89.3514.4140.25
Jeff Rosenfeld2512.527.836.4651.81
Brett Lewis13.112.67.162557.86
NFSMary Harrison12.7811.2411.342560.36
Frank Fifelski457.626.35.0763.995.07
NFSKevin Jackson10.41459.7713.7978.97
NFSTerry Miltier9.192510.633579.82
Terry Miltier35257.6812.7880.46
Mary Harrison1335258.9981.99
Art Schoner13.7713.77353597.54
Nicholas Perusse8.42354545133.42
Kevin Jackson45352535140.00
John Harrison25454555170.00
Wendy Ruffle45554555200.00
Adrienne Jackson65556545230.00
Paul Perusse65655555240.00
5 Gun Aggregate
Paul Ruffle20.2741.2934.9167.5428.76192.77
Brett Lewis22.10156.2733.3631.4957.86301.08
Frank Fifelski66.2862.3331.2182.5763.99306.38
Courtney Bolze42.49113.5890.8753.0132.95332.90