IDPA Style Match

Range Status: 

IDPA Club Match

The match is open to semi-automatic pistols and revolver shooters. This style of shooting involves "stages" (Courses of Fire) that require the shooter to engage multiple target accurately and but also quickly.  Each shooter is timed, the best score reflects a combined skill set of both fast shooting and accurate shooting. No prior experience is required and all club members are invited out to either participate or watch the event.


Match Times:

8:00AM : Begin stage set up on the 50 yard range (please come out to help)

8:45AM : Open sign up. No squads. First come - first shoot.

8:45-9:30AM : SO shoots (give our safety officers time to shoot)

9:00-9:30AM : Shooting begins.

1:45PM : End shooting. Range clean up.



50 yard range.

Cold Range Procedures: From 8AM to 2PM the 50 yard range will be a "cold range".  No loaded firearms allowed on the 50 yard range unless you are the designated shooter and under the direct supervision of a Safety Officer.



IDPA, The match will follow the rules of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA,



All shooters need:

 --  A 9mm or larger handgun (pistol or revolver with five round or more capacity)

 --  A holster fitted to your specific firearm and at least 2-3 extra magazines or 3 speed loaders

 --  A way to carry the extra magazines/speed loaders: ideally, magazine/speed loader pouch; shooters can get by with a pocket

 --  A concealment garment ... shirt, vest, jacket, etc. Must cover the firearm and spare magazines



Open sign-up starting at 8:45AM and ending at 11:45AM.  The order on the sign up roster will be the shooting order; there will be no squads. First to sign up ... First to shoot. New shooters will receive a safety brief at sign-in.



$15 for non-ASC members.

$10 for ASC members.

$5 off for the first five volunteers to help set up the range stages.


Misc. information:

We will be shooting forward of the 50 yard line, so please make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and snacks if needed, and perhaps a camping chair if you want to rest between stages.


For any questions, please contact: