Service Rifle Match

Range Status: 

“As issued” Service Rifle Match. Open to ASC members, guest and anyone wanting to shoot Service Rifles.

Event will take place on the on the 100 Meter Range

Check-in will begin at 8:30 with safety brief at 9:00.

Match fee is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

Event is expected to be over by noon but actual completion time is based on the number of competitors.


The rifle must be “as issued” by the Armed Forces of the country of origin.

(Rule 6.3.1 in the CMP Competition Rules 14th Edition 2010 describes in detail.)

Course of Fire:

Distance is 100 yards using – NRA SR-1 target (200 yard target reduced for 100 yard distance)

5 – Sighting Rounds

10 – Rounds slow fire Prone, single feed

10 – Rounds rapid fire Standing to Prone, with clip/magazine change

10 – Rounds slow fire Standing, single feed



CMP 6.3.1 As-Issued Military Rifle Requirements

The following rules apply to all as-issued U. S. and foreign military rifles unless specific exceptions are noted in the rules:

(1) All as-issued military rifles must be rifles that were commonly issued to U.S. Armed Forces or to foreign military personnel.

(2) The rifle must be in as-issued condition, with a standard stock and sights.

(3) The rifle must conform to the weight and dimensional specifications of the standard-issue service rifle. Weights, including bayonets, may not be added to the rifle, but issue oilers or cleaning kits may be placed in the stock.

(4) Commercial or replica versions of as-issued military rifles are not permitted.

(5) Rebarreling with a barrel of as-issued dimensions is permitted. A replacement barrel must have the same exact contours and cuts as the original as-issued barrel.

(6) Only government-issue parts or government or commercial parts of the exact same weight and dimensions may be used.

(7) Sights must be of the same types that were on rifles issued to regular military personnel. Special purpose sights designed for sniping or competition are not permitted.

(8) Rifles may be accurized only by the careful assembly of standard parts.

Bayonets may not be attached to As-Issued Military Rifles during competitions.


A word from our match director;

I know a lot of people think about coming to a match, and really, there's no reason not to come! The atmosphere of this shoot is accommodating and friendly, and nobody is ever treated like "the new guy" - this is a shoot where everyone fits in. If you want some information, or even some extra instruction, there are plenty of qualified people willing to serve. We realize that some shooters are unable to assume the different positions required for the match. If any shooter has trouble shooting from the prone or standing position, or maybe they just want to get more comfortable with using a particular rifle, they may fire the course sitting at a shooting bench.

Remember, you don't have to be experienced at service rifle competition to shoot in our As Issued Service Rifle Match - just be safe!