The Firecracker Pin Match Results

It was hot as a firecracker at the range on July 7th, but that did not impede out intrepid shooters. The results for the match are posted below. Thanks to all that came out for the shoot. If you did not make it, you can shoot pins with us next month on August 4th. I would like to thank Courtney Bolze for running the match this month.



Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Charlie Daniels9.947.489.146.9533.51
2Joe Kelly9.469.248.927.8235.44
3Paul Ruffle9.4214.8914.897.7246.92
4George Francis10.42258.386.6750.476.67
5Matthew Babb259.48.348.1950.93
1Matthew Babb8.978.668.756.5532.936.55
2George Francis10.258.47356.5760.29
3Joe Kelly11.715.049.915581.66
4Charlie Daniels2511.0812.23583.28
5Art Schoner252513.952588.95
6Paul Ruffle2511.23253596.23
7Charles Thierry35254514.92119.92
8Bill Korb45552535160
NFSMatthew Babb5.673.595.544.6219.42
1Matthew Babb8.1210.154.987.1330.384.98
2Joe Kelly11.499.4410.5612.7144.2
3Art Schoner14.23252512.1476.37
4Charlie Daniels4514.1314.342598.47
5Tyler Burns252514.3465129.34
6George Francis65252545160
7Matt Schoner95858565330
1Paul Ruffle12.7911.8110.832560.4310.83
2Art Schoner35352525120
3Charlie Daniels4513.024525128.02
4Matt Schoner45353555170
5George Francis25456535170
1Charlie Daniels11.47.989.182553.56
2Matthew Babb357.935.85.6954.425.69
3Paul Ruffle9.0314.2413.173571.44
4George Francis458.389.983598.36
NFSTyler Burns25458.9325103.93
5Joe Kelly558.758.6435107.39
6Tyler Burns8.52459.3345107.85
7Art Schoner45352514.98119.98
5 Gun Aggregate
1Charlie Daniels53.56128.0298.4783.2833.51396.84
2George Francis98.3617016060.2950.47539.12