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December Pin Match Cancelled

Due to the expected inclement weather this weekend, we are canceling the December Bowling Pin Match.  There is no make up date, so the 2013 season is over. We don't shoot during the really cold months, so the next match is April 5th. Start practicing now since I am getting all new guns for next next year and I will be waiting for you.


December Pin Match

The Airfield Shooting Club will hold its last match of the season this Saturday, December 7th at 10 AM at the ASC range. This is your last chance to shoot pins until April, so don't miss it. Shooters are requested to arrive by 9:30 to assist in setting up the match. For rules and directions, see our web site at Please direct any questions to our resident pinhead at


Turkey Classic Bowling Pin Match

This is normally where I would write about fall being in the air and frost and all that happy stuff, but the weather forcast for this Saturday's ASC Bowling Pin Match is temperatures in the mid 60's. It should be a nice day for shooting and all of your friends will be coming out to the range by 9:30 or so to set up. We will begin shooting at 10 AM. Directions to the range, a description of our match and the rules are posted at

Yes, there is a Bowling Pin Match this weekend

I apologize for not putting out our announcement sooner. I have been a little under the weather and I have been traveling. As many seasoned shooters remember, this is the time of year when the zombie bowling pins come out to the range and try to take it over. We are counting on you to save the range on Saturday, October 5th begining with set up around 9:30. Intelligence indicates that the zombie pins will appear prompty at 10 AM and with the government shut down, you are the last line of defense. Don't let humanity down!

Pigskin Pin Match

It is that time of year again, when both footballs and bowling pins are flying through the air. We will be hammering the pins into submission like a linebacker on steriods this Saturday, September 7th. Set up begins at 9:15 and pins fly promptly at 10 AM. For information on the matches or directions, please see the the ASC web site at If you have specific questions, you can write our resident pinhead at

PinDependence July Pin Shoot Results

The July 2013 Pin Match results are attached. Thanks to everyone who came out and breved the heat. Our next match is August 2nd.  The web posted results don't have all of the rankings, but they are correct here. I made a mistake in the posting process and the web site got mad at me and would not let me fix it. I was hoping to get smarter as I got older, but it hasn't happened yet. Sorry.


July Bowling Pin Match

After a month off to sharpen your skills, clean your guns, and scrounge up or load ammo, the Airfield Shooting Club is pleased to invite you to the July Bowling Pin Match. We will set up at 9:15 and shooting will begin at 10.  If you need directions or more information about the match, see our web site at or email our resident pinhead at See you at the range this Saturday.


Support ASC Women on Target; No Pin Match in June

There will be no Bowling Pin Match for June 2013 so that the club can devote all of its resources to our Women on Target event. This event showcases the ASC to women who are interested in learning more about the shooting sports. It is a fabulous event. If you know any women who might even have the slightest interest in shooting, encourage them to attend. And once they learn how much fun it is, get them out to the July Pin match on the 6th!



May Bowling Pin Match

Hopefully you have all lined up at your favorite retailer and gotten the two or three boxes of ammo that you have been rationed and saved it for the Bowling Pin Match this Saturday, May 4th at the ASC range. We would really appreciate some help setting up at 9:15 so that we can be ready to shoot at 10 AM. The weekend forcast looks great with seasonable temperatures and no rain in sight.


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