Bowling Pin Newsletter

Dog Days Bowling Pin Shoot

The dog days of summer are upon us. When it's too hot for the Devil, it is just hot enough to shoot Bowling Pins.The August match will be this Saturday, August 1st at the ASC range in beautiful Wakefield, VA. Set up is at 9:30 and the first pins fall at 10 AM. If you need information about the the match or directions, see our web page at For specific inquiries, contact our assoiciate adjunct chief assistant pinhead at See you Saturday.

Bunny Hop Pin Shoot

Ah springtime! When the grass (or weeds) sprout, renewal is in the air and the bowling pins come out from hiding after a long winter's nap. Our first pin match for 2015 is this Saturday, April 4th at the Airfield Shooting Club. We will begin set up at 9:30 with the first pin spiraling off of our brand new tables promptly at 10 AM (or so). For information on the match or direcetions to the range, see our web site at

Pearl Harbor Day Bowling Pin Match

Saturday, December 6th will not be a day that lives in infamy. Unless of course, you are a Bowling Pin. In which case, the infamy will depend entirely on our shooters accuracy. You can prove your mettle this Saturday, at 9:30 AM at the ASC range. This is our last match until spring, so if you miss it, you won't be busting pins again until April. That would be infamy. If you need directions or a detailed description of our match, see the club web site at


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