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Airfield Shooting Club Announcement

Membership Renewals

ASC would like to remind everyone who has not yet submitted their 2012-2013 renewal application and dues...

Locks will be changed after the Board Meeting on April 21st, so get your renewal in as soon as you can to ensure you wont be locked out.

Yellow ASC badges will not be acceptable proof of membership after the April 21st.

Thank you to all those who have renewed; another batch of membership cards went in the mail this morning.

If you do not plan on renewing, we would appreciate if you could let us know by emailing

Certified Instructors - Service Hours Opportunities

As ASC's Chief Instructor, I like to keep track of who, among our members, is a certified instructor.  The last time I asked was several years ago so I'd like to get an update.  If you hold instructor certifications through NRA, 4-H, Virginia Hunter Education, or other certifying authority, please drop me an e-mail listing your current qualifications. 

Service Opportunity - Range Tours

ASC would like to start offering prospective members range tours and we need your help.

I am asking for one or two volunteers on each of the following dates:

April 07
May 05
June 02
July 07
August 04
September 01

All you will need to do is be available at 1:30PM to make sure the range is open to show visitors around and answer any general questions about the range. You will not have to take or process any membership applications. If they decide to join they will need to come to a Board Meeting on the 3rd Saturday of the month. The range tour will be by appointment only and I will notify you beforehand via email if there are people scheduled to attend or not.

Please email me if you can take one or more of these dates.

Thank You

Chris Glaves
Secretary, ASC

Hampton/ Norfolk Gun Shows

Volunteers needed to man the NRA and Club Tables at the Norfolk (7-8 Apr) Gun Show. If you can assist, please contact Andy Romano at, or (757) 328-4464.

Note: The Norfolk show no longer conflicts with Hampton, and has been rescheduled for 7-8 Apr (Easter Weekend)

Hampton: 31 Mar/01 Apr : All slots full
Norfolk: 07-08 Apr: Volunteers needed

2012-2013 Renewal Information *** UPDATE March 17, 2012 ***

*** UPDATE March 17, 2012 ***

First off, my apologies to all those members who have had difficulties receiving their renewal application via e-mail.

The Board has decided to send via US MAIL the renewal applications, so look for them in your mailbox early next week.

If you have already completed and returned your application and you receive one in the mail, just disregard.

Any discrepancies regarding service hours, do not hesitate to contact me so we can record them accurately.

Work Party - 10 March 2012

The XO has called for a work party this weekend, Saturday, 10 March 2012 starting at 9 a.m.

We are looking for 10 to 15 volunteers for 4 hours. Please bring wood working tools, weed eaters & Boots!!!

If you have some free time this is a great opportunity to help out the club and make a few service hours before the end of the membership year on the 31st. Weather calls for 55 deg and sunny, so it could turn out to be a really nice day to work outside.

Contact: Dave Joyner, (757) 651-8000,

Gun Shows


Gun shows galore this season. Five between now and 1 April. Mucho help will be needed. See below for full (subject to change) schedule. Once again the local promoters have scheduled conflicting gun shows.

Right now, looking for volunteers for 21-22 JAN. If you see any other dates you’d like to assist on, I’ll gladly take “advance reservations”.


  • 21 JAN Could use 1 more for the 9-1pm shift, and 2 more for 1-5pm
  • 22 JAN Could use 1 more for the 10-1pm, and 3 more for the 1-4pm

Virginia Beach

Donation/Tax Deduction

We had a great turnout for the pre-Board meeting breakfast and meeting this past Saturday. It was brought to our attention that donations for the proposed restroom building should be made out to the Airfield 4-H Center. Donations made out to the Airfield 4-H Center and sent to ASC ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE. If you haven't forwarded your donation yet, you still have time to do so. Donations should be sent to:

Airfield Shooting Club

P.O. Box 250

Wakefield, VA 23888


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