ASC Announce

Airfield Shooting Club Announcement

Sunday Shooting

Until Further Notice the range will be limited to 22 rimfire and 20 ga shotgun on Sunday mornings from dawn until noon.

The remainder of the week will operate normally.

The club president will provide further correspondence in the near future.

March Update

Greetings Airfield Members,

We are all looking forward to Spring and enjoying some shooting. The current political environment is very intense. We are all members of the NRA and we urge you to participate and contact your legislators with regards to our enjoyment of the shooting sports. As far as Airfield we have lots of informations to share and this month should probably have a Clint Eastwood theme, the Good, the Bad , and the Ugly.




1. Volunteers still needed for Norfolk show 26-27 Jan

2. Hampton gun show info

3. Updated gun show schedule for 2013


1. NORFOLK 26-27 JAN: 3 or 4 volunteers need for each shift:

9-1pm or 1-5pm on Saturday the 26th

10-1pm or 1-5pm on Sunday the 27th.

Range Sign-in Log


Our range sign in logs serve many purposes. One of those purposes is to keep track of the amount of lead deposited on the range. We have to add lime and phosphates to the soil in order to prevent the lead from leaching out. We keep track of the soil Ph, rainfall amounts, and the amount of lead so that we may calculate the proper course of action according to soil manangment best practices.





Volunteers needed for the upcoming Hampton (19-20 Jan) and Norfolk (26-27 Jan) gun shows. 

As a reminder, for Hampton and Virginia Beach shows (SGK) volunteers are needed to work the full day and arrive prior to the show opening so they can get their hands stamped. If you can work the full day, assistance will be appreciated,,, Only for the Norfolk shows can we break the hours into shifts, 


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