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The Airfield Flyer March 2014

Hello ASC Members,

Please see attached ASC Newsletter - The Airfield Flyer March 2014

There is information about our new gate, XO projects, grass cutting, and Easter.  Chief Instructor Mike Bromley shares an informative article on Action Shooting at the ASC range.  The next Pistol Class is set for April 12th.


--Tim Drewry, ASC VP & Editor

The Airfield Flyer December 2013

In this edition of The Flyer, you will find an article about our new RFID Skeet Card system.  I have also included the 2014 gun show schedule on the last page in case you want to get some service hours in or just want to support our Second Amendment vendors.  Also, I unfortunately have to report in the ASC Rule Violations section that members and guests appear to be intentionally damaging ASC property again.  If it wasn’t intentional, then they seriously are in need of shooting instruction, and I recommend that they enroll in a firearms training class and stay off the ASC

The Airfield Flyer September 2013

          The September issue of The Flyer is here.  With September comes Fall.  For most folks, Fall means leaves changing and falling from trees; the end to crops’ growth resulting in harvest; and many Summer/Spring flowers and plants dying away.  For shooters and ASC members, it is a time for “rebirth” of our shooting sports.  Hunting is coming; the weather is favorable for range activities; and the ASC has ushered in its new ASC Board with new ideas for growth at the range. 


The Airfield Flyer July 2013

Reminder:  Please RSVP to President Vaught at his email  address if you intend to participate in the ASC Election Breakfast to be held next Saturday, July 20 at the Gray Building dining hall.   We need a head count for the 4-H Center.

In this issue of The Flyer, two reports are given for two very unique events:  Women on Target held in early June and the IDPA match held in late June.   Based on the reports, both events were a success. 

ASC Special Edition Flyer - Election Edition

              On July 20, 2013, the Airfield Shooting Club will be holding its annual ASC Member Election Meeting and Breakfast for all active ASC Members.   We will meet in the Gray Building dining hall with breakfast being served at 8:30 a.m.   Breakfast is paid for by the ASC for all ASC Members active and in good standing.   Please note that family or guests accompanying Members will not be paid for by the Club.  After breakfast, ASC President and other Board members will address Club matters.   We will then hold the election to choose the new ASC Board.   All active M

ASC Special Edition Flyer - Locking ASC Chain Gate

INSTRUCTIONS FOR LOCKING ASC CHAIN GATE.   Confused?  Already know how to lock the ASC chain gate properly?  Not based on the number of locks that ASC has to replace on the chain gate.  Therefore, the ASC Board decided to re-educate the ASC members (and some of the ASC Board Members).  The goal is to not make the lock a link in the chain with pressure on the lock, but to only place the lock so that the chain cannot be opened by unauthorized personnel.  Please use the gate locking method illustrated in the attached Special Edition Flyer and help save valuable ASC funds!

The Airfield Flyer June 2013

The June issue of The Flyer is packed with news and information.  Please direct your attention to an IMPORTANT message from the ASC Board on page 6 of the The Flyer.  On July 20th, we will hold the ASC Annual Member Meeting and hold elections for the new ASC Board.  This newsletter edition also has a couple of articles on Service Rifle Matches that you should check out.  And, as referenced in the President’s Corner, ASC President Richard Vaught will bid us farewell in August.

The Airfield Flyer May 2013

In this May issue of The Flyer, President Vaught informs members about the next pistol class; discusses the increase of activities on the range; encourages members to join the ASC Board; celebrates the new gun control loss; reports a theft; and talks politics.There is also an article about our stolen Potty!

The Airfield Flyer April 2013

           In this edition of The Flyer, you will find President Vaught’s update on political votes, results and recommendations.  For the first time, I have included some of the April 2013 Pin Match results.  I encourage you to join the Pin Matches on the 1st Saturday of each month.  Also, for the first time, there is a Product Review written by a lady for the ladies.  Hope you enjoy!!!


The Airfield Flyer March 2013

In this edition of The Flyer, you will find President Vaught’s update on range improvements, a new Sunday restriction, shooting events on the calendar and a message on political involvement.Spring is upon us. That also means that ASC renewals are being sent out to all members. Fill them out and send them back in! You can then enjoy the new bathrooms that your money built for a whole new year. They are nice! (See article on pg.


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