November 2017

November Bowling Pin Match

Greetings Gentle Shooters,

The ASC will hold its monthly Bowling Pin Match this Saturday, November 4th beginning at 9:30 AM at the range in Wakefield. The current weather report calls stunning fall weather and this is the second to the last match of the season, so don't miss it. Directions to the range and rules and descriptions of the match can be found at If you have specific questions, contact our Associate Master Adjunct Pinhead at

November 2017 Bowling Pin Match results

Greetings Gentle Shooters,

Please excuse the tardy results. I am not sure why I had to attach a spreadsheet, but I will research that and fix it later if possible. To view results, click the title. You will be taken to a page where you can access a spreadsheet with the tally of scores.

Our eight intrepid shooters turned in some remarkable scores. We had a sub three second carbine string that was the margin of victory for Charles Langford over Courtney Bolze in the 5 gun aggregate. Wow! Your last chance for pin busting the season will be Saturday December 2nd. See you there

December Bowling Pin Match

The Airfield Shooting Club is pleased to announce our final bowling pin match of the 2017 season. We will meet this Saturday, December 2nd at 9:30 AM at the ASC range in Wakefield. This will be the last match until April of 2018 and the weather forcast is great, so don't miss it. Directions to the club and detailed match descriptions are available at and you can allways reach out to the adjunct assistant master pinhead at See you at the range.