The Airfield Flyer

The Airfield Flyer May 2012

Hopefully, all of you ASC members “remembered” to renew your memberships! The combo locks have been changed. Memorial Day is in the month of May, and I hope all of you will remember our fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate price defending our country and our rights to live free!

The Airfield Flyer April 2012

With Spring comes renewals. Renewals come in the form of new life and growth in nature, spiritual faith, and in the form ofmembership application renewals at ASC. I hope that this ASC new member year begins with a fresh start for us all. In this issue of the Flyer, articles have been included on the importance of rules/regulations, safety, and responsibility. I have included a revised article on the Honor System and safety that I wrote as ASC President, which unfortunately seems necessary to present again.Our membership includes rule violators and the ASC Board grows weary of them.

The Airfield Flyer March 2012

In this issue, you will find quite a few product reviews. We thought that some of you may have received or will receive tax refunds.In case you are planning to put a little of the refund aside for shooting sports “investment,” Dale Mullin and I have shared ourexperiences with new shooting products that we have recently purchased. Hopefully, these reviews will assist you in making futurepurchase decisions. If you have purchased a new shooting sport related product with your tax refund and you wish to share your experience,let me know.

The Airfield Flyer February 2012

The February edition of the newsletter is out with a letter from our President covering some of the current legislation in the General Assembly. An update on the progress for our restroom project as well as some great pictures of our youth shooting program are in this edition as well. There are many opportunites to get in your service hours before the annual renewal.

The Airfield Flyer January 2012

Happy New Year!!! January's Flyer has been posted to the website. Included are the President's notes on last month's Board meeting, a product review which I think would be interesting for shotgun shooters and especially shell reloaders, and a brief artical on John Zupka's new Hobby! Enjoy 

Flyer Special Annoucement for December, 2011

December's Board meeting is scheduled for 9:30AM, December 17th. Board meetings are always open to the membership. So how about joining us this coming Saturday starting with a buffet breakfast in the Main 4H building between 8:30-8:45AM. The cost is a $8.40. If you plan on attending, please e-mail Richard Vaught at so that he may give a headcount to the Center. Hope to see you there!!!